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Links to websites with information about bird watching in the U.K.

Red Kite Feeding Station at Gigrin Farm
Description: Wild red kites are fed at Gigrin Farm every day. The five large hides at the feeding station offer excellent views as kites compete with ravens and buzzards for choice pickings.

Boultham Mere
Description: An excellent site by Steve Botham, where you'll find superb photos of rare birds which visit the U.K.

Birds of Britain
Description: A magazine-style site, featuring a permanent guide to Britain's bird reserves and clubs. Updated monthly.

The Clwyd Birds Web
Description: A guide to some of the best bird watching sites in North East Wales.

Preston Society - Natural History and Birdwatching
Description: Has an interest in a wide variety of natural history subjects, based in Preston, Lancashire.  Meets every Monday at 7.30pm from late Sept to March.  New members welcome.

Sheffield Bird Study Group
Description: Provides recording and survey info, plus all the groups info such as meeting details and publications.

York Ornithology Club
Description: Site includes a local guide for birdwatchers, and sightings, plus club information.

Birding in Nottingham and Beyond
Description: Covers various aspects of bird watching and sightings from Nottingham and the other parts of Britain.

Birding For All
Description: Seeks to improve access for people with disabilities to reserves, facilities and services for birding. They have members across the world but the majority live in the U.K.

Sussex Ornithological Society
Description: Provides a wealth of information about the Society and its' area.  Includes news of recent sightings.

Birding UK
Description: Great site for British bird watching enthusiasts. Features locations, news, photos, links and more.

Fat Birder
Description: Top resource about birds and birdwatching. Hundreds of pages and tens of thousands of links about birding everywhere in the world, with a page for every country.

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