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Links to websites featuring photos and information about butterflies in the U.K.

See also: Butterfly Groups

Butterfly Conservation
Description: A British charity devoted to saving butterflies, moths and their habitats. They have over 30 branches covering the whole of the United Kingdom which organise local conservation activities and events.

How to Grow your own Butterfly Garden
Description: A useful article suggested by Sarah which gives details about creating a space for butterflies.

The Butterflies of Gloucestershire
Description: A web-based guide to the butterfly species and habitats of Gloucestershire, England.

Bring Back the Butterflies
Description: A community project that seeks to encourage residents of Camden to get involved in wildlife, especially butterfly conservation.

UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
Description: The a recently formed merger of the long-running Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (BMS) with Butterfly Conservation's co-ordination of 'independent' transects. It's mission is to assess the status and trends of UK butterfly populations for conservation, research and quality of life.

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