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Links to websites featuring photos and information about beetles, bugs, slugs, spiders, worms and more.

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Photos and Facts About Creepy-Crawlies
Description: Close up photos, strange facts and information about spiders, worms, ladybirds, snails and many of the other creepycrawlies and minibeasts found in the UK.

The Wonderful World of Insects
Description: Plenty of information about insects in an easy to read style.

Amateur Entomologists' Society
Description: The AES is the UK's leading organisation for people interested in insects.  Members include novices and professional scientists alike.

The Bug Club
Description: Devoted to young people (and the young at heart) who find insects and other creepy crawlies interesting and even fascinating.

Description: A blog site by Nimbus, with plenty of good close up photos and useful info about UK spiders.

Bumblebee Pages 
Description: Just about anything you could possibly want to know about bumblebees.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Description: Aims to protect bumblebees and their associated habitats through conservation and education.

Bumblebee Identification Pages
Description: Useful online guide to identifying British bumblebees by their markings

British Arachnological Society
Description: Aims to further the education of the public by promoting the study of the Arachnida, especially spiders, pseudoscorpions and harvestmen.

Royal Entomological Society
Description: Founded in 1833, to disseminate information about insects and improving communication between entomologists.

The British Entomological & Natural History Society
Description: A society for both amateur and professional entomologists, and those interested in natural history. Founded in 1872, the objectives of the Society are principally the promotion and advancement of research in entomology with an increasing emphasis on the conservation of the fauna and flora of the UK and the protection of wildlife throughout the world.

The Coleopterist
Description: The leading journal for students of the beetle fauna of the British Isles.  The site features an extensive photo album of British beetles

Micscape On-line Magazine
Description: The Home of Microscopy on the Web. If it's microscopic, you'll probably find it here. Over 350MB of information exploring the miniature world, contributed by enthusiasts all over the world.

Description: A free and compelling environmental Internet resource for Key Stages 1-4 providing teachers and students extensive curriculum-based information about soil.  Will help you discover what soil is, the teeming life in soil and about the many environmental threats facing soils.

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