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Links to sites featuring photos and information about fungi in the U.K.

Photos and Info about Fungi in the U.K.
Description: Facts, close-up photos and information about some of the colourful fungi species found in Britain and Northern Ireland.

Association of British Fungus Groups
Description: The UK's national organisation for field enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about fungi, and recording fungi for local and national databases, irrespective of initial experience or scientific training.

The British Mycological Society
Description: Founded in 1896, the BMS now has members from all over the world. The Society endeavours to promote all aspects of fungi by publications, meetings, forays etc.

The Wild Mushroom Pickers' Code of Conduct
Description: Guidelines for wild mushroom pickers. Part of the BMS website.

The North West Fungus Group
Description: Established in 1994 as a group to promote an interest in fungi in the Northwest of England and Wales.

The International Societyfor Mushroom Science
Description: The ISMS seeks to further the cultivation of edible (including medicinal) macrofungi. Also provides a platform for mushroom growers and scientists to exchange ideas.

Northern Ireland Fungus Group 
Description: A voluntary organisation aiming to promote the conservation of and interest in Fungi in Northern Ireland. 

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