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Links to sites featuring photos and information about Wildlife Gardening in the UK

UK Safari- Gardening for Wildlife
Description: Shows you how to attract more colourful birds, butterflies, and other wild creatures to your garden.

Growing Native
Description: A site giving advice on how to grow native plants in the garden.

Description: Gives practical support for the Organic grower by sharing experiences, passing on 'hints and tips' and providing a UK based news service and links to related sites.

Scottish Organic Producers' Association
Description: Founded in 1988 to provide a information for organic producers in Scotland.

Natural Gardens
Description: Garden design, creation and advice for you and your wildlife.
Description: An environmental Internet resource for Key Stages 1-4 providing teachers and students with extensive curriculum-based information about soil.

Wildlife and Countryside Services
Description: Providing a range of nature and wildlife related services, including wildlife & countryside management and consultancy, wildlife gardening services and environmental education.

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