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Websites about all the fabulous furry mammals found in Britain and Northern Ireland

See also: Marine Mammal Section

Photos and Info About British Mammals
Description: Close up photos, facts and information about foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, bats, squirrels and many of the other mammals found in Britain.

The Mammal Society
Description: The Mammal Society is involved in conservation, research and education.

Wildlife Online
Description: Plenty of in depth information here for any one who likes bats, foxes, badgers, foxes, deer and more.

British Wild Boar
Description: After an absence of more than 300 years wild boar roam the British countryside once again. This is a site devoted solely to the interests of free-living wild boar in Britain.

Badger BADGERS  See also: Badger Groups

UK Safari - Badgers
Description: Close up photos, facts and information about the badger

Badger Trust
Description: Promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and habitats.

Description: Informative site with plenty of excellent photos of badgers

Bat BATS  See also: Bat Groups

The Bat Conservation Trust
Description: Dedicated to the conservation of bats and their habitats. Address: 15 Cloisters House, 8 Battersea Park Road, London, SW8 4BG. Tel: 0171 240 0933.

Bat Detective
Description: A website for bat fans in N. Ireland. Plenty of useful information and photos.


UK Safari - Deer Section
Description: Close up photos, facts and information about the deer found in the UK.

The British Deer Society
Description: A charity which provides advice to landowners, farmers and government on all matters concerning deer welfare conservation and management. Tel: +44(0)1425 655434.

The Deer Initiative
Description: A broad partnership of statutory, voluntary and private interests dedicated to "ensuring the delivery of a sustainable, well-managed wild deer population in England and Wales".


UK Safari - Foxes
Description: Close up photos, facts and information about the red foxes found in Britain. You can also get some fox wallpaper for your computer.

The National Fox Welfare Society
Description: A volunteer organisation dedicated to helping foxes. Supply homoeopathic treatment and advice for foxes suffering from sarcoptic mange.

The Fox Project
Description: An organisation working with volunteers and wildlife hospitals to help injured or abandoned foxes and cubs. Once they are fit, they are released back into the wild.


Hare Preservation Trust
Description: Working for the preservation of hares.

Irish Hares
Description: An excellent online resource about the Irish hare and issues that affect its conservation and survival.


UK Safari - Hedgehogs
Description: Photos, facts and information about the hedgehogs found in Britain.

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Description: The society provides a helpline and gives advice concerning the care of hedgehogs particularly when injured, sick, orphaned or in danger. Address: Knowbury House, Knowbury, Ludlow, Shropshire,SY8 3LQ. Tel: 01584 890801.

Description: A comprehensive guide to hedgehogs, featuring details of habitat, range, mating, baby hedgehogs, the hedgehog year and more.


UK Safari - Otters
Description: Close up photos, facts and information about the wild otters found in Britain. You can also get some otter wallpaper for your computer.

International Otter Survival Fund
Description: Based on the Isle of Skye, this organisation is dedicated to the support and protection of otters in Scotland and Worldwide.

Description: A site created by John McMinn who watches and records the activities of otters in the Lake District.


The UK Wolf Conservation Trust
Description: Founded in 1995 supports wolf conservation, research and education.

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