Dor Beetles

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Dor Beetle

Latin name: Geotrupes stercorarius

Size: Grows to 25mm long

Distribution: Found throughout the UK

Months seen: April to October

Habitat: Farmland and woodland

Food: Dung, especially cow dung

Special features: The Dor beetle is one of the largest dung beetles in the UK.  Dung beetles get their name from their rather unattractive habit of eating dung.  Both the larvae and the adults eat their own weight of dung every day.  While this may seem a strange choice of diet, there is little competition for it, and they do perform a vital cleanup role in the countryside.

Dor Beetles fly at night and are attracted to light.  They are a popular food of foxes, badgers and hedgehogs.

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Dor Beetle close up

Dor Beetle close up

Dor Beetle close up

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