newsletter What's Going Wild in April 2024?

7-Spot Ladybird

Many beetles are waking up now after their winter hibernation, and most noticeable of these are the bright red Seven Spot Ladybirds.  Still our most... keep reading >


Some people feel that spring has arrived when they hear the first Cuckoo.  For others it's seeing the first Swallow of the year.  But for those who... keep reading >

Photo of the Week

Checkout the "Photo of the Week" and view more in the archive.  If you've got a good nature photo you'd like to contribute to the UK Safari website please send it in... keep reading >

Dandelion flower

You can't help but feel sorry for people who think Dandelions are a nuisance.  You know the ones who at the first sign of a brightly coloured flower... keep reading >

Bee Fly

If there was an award for "Most Curious Looking Insect" then the bee-fly would be in with a good chance of winning it.  As the name suggests it... keep reading >

Slow-worms mating

Slow-worms generally mate between March and June, and the young are born from late July to September.  Slow-worms produce eggs like... keep reading >

Cuckoo egg in a Meadow Pipit nest

Amongst all the other bird song this month listen out for the springtime call of the cuckoo.  It's becoming a less familiar sound in the UK, but April is the... keep reading >

Natterjack Toads mating

It's been said they're the UK's noisiest amphibian, and when you hear them it's difficult to disagree.  If they lived in a city centre they'd probably get... keep reading >

Orange Tip Butterfly

April sees the emergence of the Orange Tip Butterflies.  They've spent the winter months as a chrysalis, hidden among last years vegetation.  Now... keep reading >

Scorpion Fly

Scorpion flies belong to an ancient group of insects known as 'Mecopterans' which can be traced back more than 250 million years.  The name... keep reading >

Slug eggs

There are more than thirty species of slug in the UK, and the warm weather we get this month, coupled with the April showers, create a... keep reading >


Everywhere you look on the ground wild plants are bursting into flower.  First prize for the most dramatic flower show this month has to go... keep reading >

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