Old Lady Moths

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Old Lady Moth

Scientific name:  Mormo maura

Size:  Wingspan approximately 72mm

Distribution:  Found in most parts of the UK

Months seen:  July to September.  Larvae found from September to May

Habitat:  Gardens, hedgerows, woodlands and damp meadows

Food:  Caterpillars feed on docks, ivy, blackthorn, hawthorn and birch

Special features:  Old Lady moths are so called because of the shawl-like pattern on the wings.  The pattern doesn't vary but the depth of colour can be darker in some specimens.  These moths are often found sheltering in sheds and garages.

The chubby caterpillars are a dull grey brown colour with some oblique black and cream markings along the sides.  The spiracles are orange with a black edge.

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